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From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: honeymoon-in-bahia-4HONEYMOON IN BAHIA 4
by Jorge AlvarezLunch time!Henri, the French manager of the ultraexclusive honeymoon resort in Bahia,
seats us with the rock star Nick Shagger and his new girlfriend. My wife is
so excited, she doesn't see that I'm checking out the new staff, a local
bunch of gorgeous black hunks.The manager calls me, he needs help with a very special guest. It's prince
Lorenzo, the scion of one of Italy's wealthiest families. He's crazy for big
black dicks, but still a virgin. Henri wants me to ease young Lorenzo into
his life dream of becoming a good male cunt."Lorenzo, darling, Mr. Turner here is an old friend of our resort, and he
knows everything about the f... food from Bahia. As a Toplist Preteen special treat he'll
take you now to the kitchen to introduce you to the best Bahia has to
offer... Don't worry about your charming young wife. As you see, Mr. Shagger
is entertaining her and the other wives wonderfully".This kitchen is heaven for guys like us who're crazy for horny black studs.
We're greeted with whistles and huge smiles. These hunks are so friendly.
They're all bare-chested with a sarong wrapped around the waist. Young
Lorenzo is amazed. He's never seen so much bulging black muscle, glistening
with sweat, smelling of male sex, huge hard dicks tenting the flimsy
It's enough to make any prospective white male pussy dizzy with lust..."Dio mio! Mr. Turner... help me... I'm going to faint...""Call me Xotao, honey. It means big male cunt in their language. And stay
awake. It's too much cock for me to handle on my own".The sweet heir to Italy's largest fortune blushes like a little boy. He's
not used to dirty language. He has a lot to learn. But first things first."Darling, calm down. You're here to learn the basics of the f... food from
Bahia. Jaildo, come here".I introduce the prince to one of my favorite studs, Jaildo, the one who
fucked me on the beach last night."Jaildo, this is Lorenzo, you can call him Rei, king. He's a prince, that's
about the same. I want you and your pals to give him a crash course on what
Bahia has that no one else has. If you know what I mean... Now let's start
by showing him how tomatoes are crushed for the fish sauce".That's one of my favorite recipes. A bunch of black guys stand around a
shallow pan full of ripe tomatoes, take their sarongs off (the prince's eyes
almost jump out of their sockets when he sees the enormous sizes of their
very thick cocks) and start to pound the red stuff to a paste with their
heavy hard dicks."Madonna mia! We don't do it like that in Italy...""I bet you don't... Now, prince, close your eyes and go down on your knees
to have a little taste of the best tomato sauce from Bahia".I don't have to beg him. Lorenzo opens his red lips very wide, tongue out,
hands covering his eyes so he can watch between the fingers. He's panting
like a hungry puppy. I wonder if this is really his first blow job...Jaildo and the other five guys take turns, offering the young prince a good
taste not only of the best tomato sauce in the world, but also of the
greatest black cocks. I'm supposed to chaperone the lad but I'm too much of
a pig to resist such a dish, so I kneel by his side and take whatever's left
after they feed Lorenzo's hungry mouth.His face all red from the tomato paste, he takes with gusto each huge cock,
slurping the studs' male honey, opening wide to swallow the giant heads,
gagging and choking as each black fucker shoves his hard dick down the
Italian's throat.They call him "meu Rei", my king, while they turn the virgin prince into a
queen, Toplist Preteen
gangfucking the royal mouth in his first cocksucking gang fuck. It
doesn't take long for huge white jets to splash on the red-faced cocksucker.
He uses both hands to shove all that cum into his gaping mouth, swallowing
avidly his first big helping of male Toplist Preteen gunk."Mamma mia! I want more! Di piu, di piu!""Wait, dear. Now they're gonna show you how the goose is drowned (afogar o
ganso, drown the goose, is Brazilian for fucking). Or better, in your case,
how the galletto is skewered, or screwed, or even better, how they're going
to shove their black eels between your white melons!"They place the handsome young Italian on the kitchen counter, buttside up,
open his big round buttocks Toplist Preteen to find the tiny pink rosebud, and start to
prepare him for the main course."In Bahia we use a lot of dende, red palm oil, and white coconut milk.
That's what we're pouring down your sweet virgin pussy, meu Rei. How does it
feel?""Cazzo! The hot oil and the cold milk are driving my asshole crazy. I wonder
how it tastes...""Don't worry, we're going to taste it to make sure it's the right mix before
we introduce the fish"."Fish? Ma che fish?! Io voglio un cazzo, no pesce!"He doesn't want fish, he wants cock... The prince is a little slow to get
some allusions..."Look here, Toplist Preteen meu Rei", Jaildo says, pointing to all the enormous cocks ready
to fuck the royal ass. "We have a lot of fish: trout... tuna... swordfish...
shark... halibut... cod... moray... serpent eel... salmon... stingray...
bonito... wild sea bass... bigeye snapper... marlin... dragonfish...
rockfish... tigerfish... whalefish... crocodilefish... flathead...
doubleheader... giant dory... mullet... puffer... duckbill... blackdevil...
shovelnose... elephant fish... emperor... fathead... foxface... seapike...
coelacanth... harlequin... seahorse... grouper... humpback... highcrown...
headlight... halfmoon... humpnose... javelin... John Dory... jellynose...
knifejaw... lantern... largemouth... conger... seadragon... longfin...
malabar... hawkfish... leatherjacket... oarfish... flounder... pigfish...
dogfish... razorfish... barracuda... bullseye... hammerhead... wahoo... Toplist Preteen and
zebrafish... Now, which one do you want, meu Rei?""Porca miseria... Can I have them all?""Of course, meu Rei. But first we have to taste the sauce..."Dozens of black mouths fight for the prince's sauce-filled asshole,
slurping, lapping, biting, shoving their fat tongues in, tasting the need
for more palm oil, more coconut milk, praising the young man's gorgeous
white buttocks, worthy of Michelangelo's David, which the artist certainly
modelled on one of Lorenzo's ancestors.Jaildo picks a young black hunk, Truta (trout), to go first. At 12 inches,
his is the smaller penis around. Truta kneels on the counter between
Lorenzo's open legs, place's the slick head of his fat cock between the
sauce-splattered buttcheeks, and shoves it in. Another stud thrusts his dick
into the poor prince's mouth to muffle his screams.It takes the blink of an eye for Lorenzo to lose his virginity. Truta pulls
his thick cock out and a pint of red-white sauce flows from the now wide
open asshole. Bacalhau (cod) takes his turn, shoving a longer fucker up the
young man's ass. Lorenzo whimpers, cries a little, but I can see he's
clearly enjoying his first fuck.Garoupa (grouper), Badejo (bass), Tubar�o (shark), Bonito, Barracuda, all of
them stick bigger and bigger cocks up the prince's ass. Lorenzo is now
moaning and encouraging his fuckers, thrusting his hips back to get more
dick, using his new male cunt to get as much cock as he wants."Vaffanculo! Cazzo mio! Fuck my cunt!"Finally, for young Lorenzo, lunch is served. I help myself to his leftovers,
humping on quite a few wonderful black fuckers. When we finally go back to
the dining room, Lorenzo is flush with pleasure, his butt filled to capacity
with gallons of cum, his brand new male pussy ready for a long honeymoon
with Bahia's best and
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